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Plopcast s2 ep2: Rusty and his irritable bowels...

It's the Plopcast! This second episode of Season 2 features Rusty, brother of Randy and IBS sufferer. Fiance Mia is in the studio as Rusty recounts leaping from a helicopter to take care of urgent business in front of a gathering crowd. Comedian Louis C.K. breaks down fart humor on a Daily Show... (read full scoop)

Plopcast Season 2! We start the season off with a hottie.

Welcome back to The Plopcast! The premiere episode of Season 2 features our first female guest. Husband and wife team Pete and Tracy discuss pooping while camping and some sinister turd mischief. Randy shares Independence... (read full scoop)

The Plopcast! Episode 8 gets down to business.

In our eighth episode, we double your fun with over an hour of stimulating poop content. A young poo slinger strikes the 1st grade bathroom. Guests Ryan and Geoff share poop cleanup tales. Cotton is stained and strained. A hot... (read full scoop)

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